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What's the advantage of normal and silk-screen scratch panel?

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Author : Jiezhong
Update time : 2019-12-03 10:07:00
     Generally, the password is covered by scratch panel by labeling machine and silk-screen. Normal scratch panel's bottom is the transparent film by uv silk-screen, which protects the pin number from being indistinct due to the absorption in scratch silver ink. At the same time, when we scratch off the scratch silver ink with inappropriate operation, it only works on the transpaerent film, thus protects the code. And the front coating is silver gray, back is black ink. The black ink could strengthen anti-counterfeiting to a great extent.
      As for silk-screen scratch panel, it silk screen the scratch silver ink on password that customers require by silk-screen machine. This way ensure certain ink thickness, fast printing and low cost. In addition, it can also protect the pin number to silk screen customized logo or patterns with other anti-counterfeiting methods.
      Our company is specialzed in multi pin scratch card printing, like scratch gift card, calling card printing and phone card printing.
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