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Digital NFC Business Cards: Enhancing Business Communication and Security Management

Traditional paper business cards need to carry around, can only contain name, company name, position, phone, address and other information, but also manually enter customer information into the phone, it is easy to lose business cards, lost customers. A website design company in Zimbabwe recently encountered these problems. Its business manager, Julia, approached our company via WhatsApp and asked about the use of digital business cards, wanted to know if our digital business cards would help with his problem. We recommend customizing your NFC digital business card so that you can change your business card information directly on your phone at any time. When a client of Julia's wants his or her business card information, just touch Julia's NFC Digital Business Card on the client's phone to save Julia's contact information or view the company's web page. In addition to this can also achieve a multi-use card, a NFC card with a number of customers to analyze business card information.


Enterprises can achieve online and offline unified business card style, the mass import of employee information, "Digital Business Card" will be graphics, text, audio form fusion, more clear and intuitive content, convenient for others to quickly understand the information. You can also timely update, timely delivery of the function, anytime and anywhere to modify business card information. The following are RFID technology NFC card in the application of identity identification and related solutions:

1. Authentication: NFC cards can be used for authentication, cardholders just NFC card near the reader, you can verify their identity. This is more secure than traditional user names and passwords, because NFC cards often require physical contact or very close access to read them, making them difficult to attack remotely.

2. Access Control: NFC cards can be used for access control systems, allowing cardholders to enter office buildings, warehouses, laboratories or residential buildings. Only people with a valid NFC card can enter the protected area.

3. Time and attendance tracking: in corporate and school environments, an NFC card can be used to record the attendance of an employee or student. Cardholders can swipe their cards as they enter or leave the building, and the system automatically records the time, which helps to manage attendance and working hours.

4. Digital Business Card Exchange: NFC cards can also be used as digital business cards. Cardholders can store their contact information on an NFC card and then exchange contact information by bringing the card close to another person's device, such as a smartphone. This is more convenient than traditional business card exchanges and can include more information, such as social media links or personal websites.

5. Secure Storage and access control: an NFC card can be used to store sensitive data, such as passwords, encryption keys, or medical information. Only authorized users can use the NFC card to unlock and access this data.


NFC card: standard size 85.54 mm, material: PVC/PET/ABS, size: 85.5 * 54mm, Chip: NTAG216/FM11NT081, frequency: 13.56 mhz