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Hotel Managemen: Utilizing RFID Technology to Achieve Multifunctional One-Card Management

Henry, who owns five hotel chains in Singapore, told us that the hotel has become a multi-functional hotel, offering leisure, entertainment and fitness as well as comfort. Henry is keen to find out if he can multi-purpose a card and keep track of his hotel linen inventory for managing access to parking lots, gym bars and other expenses. He wants to know if RFID technology can help his business.

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In fact, RFID technology has been widely used in hotel management, especially in the"One Card Multiple Use" system, it can provide efficient, convenient and secure services. The following are RFID in hotel management and related solutions:

1. Room access control card: RFID technology is commonly used in hotel room cards, allowing guests to use a card to unlock the room door. In addition, RFID is used for access control to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter a specific area.

2. Elevator Control: the hotel's elevator system can be integrated with RFID room card, only with a valid room card guests can use the elevator, improve security.

3. Consumer Payment: hotel services, such as restaurants, gyms and so on, and RFID room card binding, guests can use the room card payment, no cash or credit card.

4. Laundry Service: if the hotel offers laundry service, guests can put the items to be cleaned in the designated bag, and use RFID room card for marking and payment.

5. Conference room and event management: Hotel Conference rooms and event venues can use RFID room card to control access, ensure that only reserved guests can use.

6. Security and management visibility: RFIDs records guest activity and usage within the hotel, providing security and management visibility to help monitor and resolve issues.

7. Data Analysis and marketing: through RFID technology, hotels can collect customer behavior data for marketing, customer loyalty planning and sales analysis.

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We recommend the following two products for what the customer wants to achieve.

1. RFID hotel room card, a card to achieve multi-use. Just install a card reader and set up a designated channel for guests, who can use their room card to spend at the restaurant, as well as smooth access to gyms, swimming pools and other areas, so that guests can experience the convenience of high-tech.

2. Customers are advised to embed ultra high frequency (UHF) laundry labels in linen. UHF laundry labels are equivalent to linen. Customers can bind the label information to the identified linen information, the real-time tracking management of linen can be achieved through the acquisition of tag information by RFID reader.

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Product description:

1. NFC card: standard size 85.54 mm, material: PVC/PET/ABS, size: 85.5 * 54 mm, Chip: NTAG216/FM11NT081, frequency: 13.56 MHZ

2. RFID woven label: Material: Flexible Textiles, Chip: NXP Ucode 8/NXP U Code 9, frequency: 860 ~ 960 mhz, EPC: 128 bit/96 bit