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Is your company a manufacturer or a trading company?

Our company is a professional manufacturer with 13-year experience for variable data scratch card printing and exporting. The supply ability is 50 million pcs per month.

How long is the production period?

The delivery will be calculated within 8-10 days from the next day after the order is placed and the artwork is confirmed. Different quantities and craft production time are different. The more the craft quantity, the more the production time will increase accordingly.

Does the quotation include tax?

The quotation I just gave you is tax-free. The card production fee needs to be added to the invoice by 10 points of tax. We issue a 13-point value-added tax invoice. If your company is a general taxpayer, you can offset the 13-point tax.

Will the magnetic stripe card be degaussed?

This depends on your use. Under normal use, it will not be degaussed within 5 years. If it is placed with a mobile phone, it will be easily degaussed.

Why are there so many scratches on the card?

Yes, to be precise, it is the inevitable friction marks in the production process. Because the surface of the card is smooth, the card has to go through multiple production processes and contact with a variety of equipment, so there must be friction marks. The dark marks will be more obvious, and the light colors will not be so conspicuous. Therefore, it is recommended to use a lighter color or a matte surface. The matte film and matte basically do not show traces.

Can M1 chip card be made?

Yes, the M1 card is an IC card. What we make is the Fudan M1 chip, which is also the most stable chip used in China. It can be repeatedly erased and encrypted, and our chips are all genuine products, which can be found on the official website of Fudan.

M1 card chip brand: NXPS50, NXPS70, Fudan F08, ISSI4439, Feiju F08, Juchen, Daoyuan brand, etc.

What is the largest size of PVC available?

The size of the card can be customized according to your requirements, but it needs to be molded separately according to the size requirements, and the mold cost will vary according to the size. The cost performance of making the standard size 85*54mm is the highest. (The raw material size of a PVC sheet is 368*485mm, the maximum printing size is 352*468.6mm, the maximum size of a white card is 360*475mm, and there are 32 small cards with a standard size of 85.5*54mm on one large material)

Can data be encrypted and written?

IC card is OK, according to the customer's requirements and content encryption (write data)

Remarks: (Fudan chip has 16 sectors (0-15 sectors), each sector has 4 blocks (0-3 blocks)), which block can be read and written in is determined by the customer's card reader and system. When placing an order, it is necessary to write which sector and which block to write.

How's your card's quality?

Our cards have been verified on-site by world-leading inspection company-SGS.