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Custom Printed RFID Dual Frequency Membership Cards,

Product Type  Dual frequency RFID Cards


Size: 85.5mm*54mm standard size(customizable size)



Customized Support: Logo customization, shape customization

Crafts:Spot UV ,Serial number ,QR code ,Magnetic strip ,White signature panel ,Hot stamping sliver /golden,Hologram ,Transparent,Embossed number ,scratched off

Printing Type:Offset printing/Screen printing


Product Introduction

Products Description


Dual-frequency card is a smart proximity card composed of a high-frequency card and a high-frequency

 card composite or a high-frequency card and a low-frequency card. It has the feature of "one card 

for multiple uses". Common types of dual-band cards include a combination of any two of low-frequency

 cards, high-frequency cards, and ultra-high-frequency cards, as well as a simple combination of 

high-frequency cards with two protocols.

The standard size of the dual-band card is 85.5mm*54mm, which is similar to the size of an ID card. 

Dual-band cards are customizable and can be customized according to different needs.



Jiezhong has more than 200 PVC special-shaped card molds of different shapes/sizes,and we can

customize any size, thickness and shape according to customer drawings. We can also provide 

diversified materials, such as white/black/transparent PVC, PLA degradable, PET, ABS and other 


Optional Craft

PVC laminated blank card

We provide personalized customization needs for different customers: Barcodes, Card finishes, 

Card material, Card thickness, Die cuts, Embossing, Encoding, Foil stamping, Metallic, Spot UV, 

Magnetic Stripe,Scratch offs, Signature panels, Variable data, etc.

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Company Profile

Guangzhou Jiezhong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is located in the 

National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City. 

The factory covers an area of 4120 square meters. Our company has passed ISO9001 quality 

management system certification and is a professional manufacturer of cards and labels in various 

materials. Including PVC cards, NFC cards, RFID tags, RFID wristbands, RFID washing tags, PLA 

biodegradable environmental cards, paper cards and other products. Our experienced staff are 

dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service to always meet your requirements 

and ensure customer satisfaction.

PVC laminated blank card

PVC laminated blank card


Our products through a number of qualification certification, please rest assured to use

PVC laminated blank card

PVC laminated blank card

Advanced equipment

Jiezhong has powerful production lines and advanced production equipment, including Heidelberg 

printing machines, automatic ultrasonic winding machines, digital laminating machines, automatic 

patch machines, automatic thread knitting machines, automatic packaging machines, UV inkjet 

machines, laser machines, etc.

PVC laminated blank card

PVC laminated blank card

PVC laminated blank card

Product Packaging

PVC laminated blank card

According to the different size of the card packaging, CR80 conventional size RFID card 200 / box, 

PVC card 250 / box, paper card 500 / box.There are ten boxes of cards in each carton.The surface 

of each carton is covered with a film for waterproof and moisture-proof during transportation to 

ensure the quality of the card.
The above packaging pictures are conventional card packaging pictures, can be customized according

 to your requirements of different packaging box number and size

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