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Principle of RFID Electronic Tags

Oct. 18, 2023

RFID Tags: Comprising coupling components and chips, each tag is electronically encoded and affixed to an object to identify the target. These tags possess the functionality to store information that needs to be identified and transmitted. In the specific application process, the composition of RFID systems varies based on different application purposes and environments. However, from the operational principle of RFID systems, they generally consist of RFID tags, readers, and transmitting-receiving antennas.

PCB RFID tags typically consist of integrated circuits with coils, antennas, memory, and control systems.

Principle of RFID Electronic Tags

There are various classification methods for RFID systems, often based on frequency. According to different operating frequencies, they can be categorized into the following four types:

1. Microwave (2.45-5.8 GHz): This frequency range enables long-distance identification, with a recognition distance of up to 100 meters. However, it is relatively expensive and primarily used in intelligent transportation systems.

2. Low Frequency (120-135 kHz): This frequency range has strong penetration capabilities, unrestricted usage, unaffected performance in different environments, and a low price. The maximum recognition distance is generally less than 60 cm. It is mainly used in access control, "one-card" payment management, vehicle management, etc.

3. High Frequency (10-15 MHz): Compared to low frequency, this range offers anti-collision and simultaneous recognition of multiple RFID tags. Its performance is influenced by the environment, and the recognition distance is generally less than 100 cm. It is mainly used in library management, logistics, etc.

4. Ultra-High Frequency (850-960 MHz): This frequency range, compared to high frequency, enables long-distance identification with a maximum recognition distance of up to 10 meters. However, it is significantly affected by environmental factors and is relatively expensive. It is mainly used in railway vehicle identification, container recognition, etc.

Principle of RFID Electronic Tags

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