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Multiple read and write HF 15693 protocol tags

Dec. 26, 2023

In the growing era of Internet of Things (IoT), RFID technology has become an important bridge connecting objects and the digital world. To meet the application scenarios with high frequent read/write requirements, today we recommend an innovative high-frequency 15693 protocol tag (MB89R118C), which can be read/written up to 1 billion times and is suitable for a wide range of applications, including IoT devices, sensor networks, home automation, industrial control and smart terminals. Its low power consumption, high performance and rich peripheral interfaces make it ideal for embedded system design and development.

This is a low-power microcontroller chip that is widely used in a variety of electronic devices and applications. It features low power consumption, high performance and rich peripheral interfaces for embedded systems and IoT applications. It is characterized by corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, reliability process, IP68 protection, industrial water washable, and can be erased and written repeatedly for 10,000 times, which can satisfy applications with high requirements for read/write life.

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Multiple read/write HF 15693 protocol tags

The core features of the tag are as follows:

1. High read/write times: using advanced chip design and material process, the tag realizes an amazing 1 billion times read/write capacity. Whether in the logistics environment of high frequent reading and writing, or in the industrial field that requires frequent reading and production line identification, it can meet the demand for long time and high intensity use.

2. High-frequency support: based on high-frequency (13.56MHz) 15693 protocol, the tag has a long reading distance and fast data transmission rate. Whether it is batch reading of cargo information, or rapid access control for admission, it can provide a convenient solution.

3. High-capacity storage: the tag has 2048Byte high-capacity storage space, erasable memory 1600bit/2000Byte, which can store user data, encryption algorithms and other information to meet the storage needs of different application scenarios. Whether it is logistics tracking information or product certification data, it can provide reliable data storage and management.

4. High Reliability and Stability: The tag stands out for its durability and stability, and undergoes stringent quality control and testing to ensure stable operation under various environmental conditions. Whether it's harsh industrial environments or high temperature and humidity conditions, it will maintain reliable performance.



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We look forward to the new possibilities this 1 billion read/write HF 15693 protocol tag will bring to IoT applications, meeting the growing demand and driving intelligence and automation. For more information about this HF 15693 protocol tag, or product customization needs, please contact the relevant business personnel or visit our official website, more smart card, RFID tags related content.