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Anti-counterfeiting and traceability: applications and solutions for scratch cards

Scratch cards are a common form of entertainment and raffle, usually sold in the form of cards that are coated with a covering that the player has to scrape off with a hard object, such as a coin or nail, to reveal the following random pattern or number. For example: scratch off discount cards, not only in the large-scale entity market supermarket use widely, also is widely used in the net shop sale. This kind of marketing method has greatly improved the promotion effect, has brought the considerable income to many merchants. This kind of scratch card has many different application scenarios, the following are some common applications and solutions:

Anti-counterfeiting traceability


1. Lottery games: scratch off cards are often used in lottery games where players buy a scratch card and hope to scratch it to reveal whether they have won a prize. This is one of the most common scratch card applications.

2. Promotional activities: Enterprises can use scratch off business cards as part of promotional activities to attract customers. Customers get a scratch card when they shop, and then they can scratch it for a discount, free product, or other reward.

3. Marketing campaign: marketers can engage users by sending e-scratch cards (for example, via e-mail or a mobile app) to encourage them to interact with the brand.

4.  Educational Games: educational institutions or educational applications can use scratch cards to create interactive educational games that help students learn new knowledge or test their knowledge.

Anti-counterfeiting traceability


1. Design attractive scratch cards: the design of scratch cards is crucial to attracting players. Use bright colors and attractive patterns to attract more participants.

2. Rules and reward settings: clearly define the rules and reward settings for scratch cards. Make sure the rules are simple and the rewards are attractive to encourage more participation.

3. Security: if a scratch card involves a bonus or prize, ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to prevent fraud

4. Publicity and promotion: before the launch of Scratch Card activities, full publicity and promotion to attract more participants.

5. Monitoring and analysis: tracking the performance of scratch card activities, monitoring the participation rate, winning rate and user feedback to improve the activities.

In short, scratch cards can be used for entertainment, promotion and education in a variety of situations, but the key to success lies in attractive design and clear rules, as well as providing attractive rewards. At the same time, it is important to ensure the security and technical support of the activities.

Anti-counterfeiting traceability

Description: • Scratch Card: customizable size, material: PVC/PET/ABS, 200G/250G/300G/350G/400g, standard size 85 * 54mm