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Access Control: RFID Technology To Help Efficient Office Building Access Management

The Sonny company has built a new office building, in which many companies have moved into the office. The problems encountered are that the cost of personnel management is too high, and it is difficult to systematically manage the access problems of each company and the parking lot access problem.


Based on RFID technology, we provide Sonny company with passive RFID windshield tag and parking management solution. This not only reduces personnel management costs, but also enables efficient automated management.


1. Access control and parking lot management system, the system will include the following parts:

(1) RFID windshield tag making and issuing center: responsible for producing, activating and issuing RFID windshield tag.

(2) Access control system: Authenticate and authorize employees or visitors to enter the building through card readers.

(3) Parking lot management system: used to verify and authorize vehicles to enter and exit the parking lot.

(4) Background management system: It can control, monitor and manage the entire access and parking system.

2. Detailed equipment and system:

(1) Windshield RFID sticker: Each Windshield RFID sticker has a unique identification code that can be provided to employees and visitors.

(2) Card reader: Installed at each entrance of the office building and the entrance of the parking lot.

(3) Database system: store the information of employees, visitors and vehicles.

(4) Central control system: used to monitor, analyze and control the entire access control and parking system.

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